© Joseph B. Ottinger and Andrew Lombardi 2019
J. B. Ottinger, A. LombardiBeginning Spring 5https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4486-9_8

8. Spring Data Access with JdbcTemplate

Joseph B. Ottinger1  and Andrew Lombardi2
Laguna Beach, CA, USA

It’s time we started looking at how we actually access data. Spring has multiple ways of accessing data; here, we’re going to look at JdbcTemplate , a facade that provides trivial access to common operations, and we’re going to address some of Chapter 7’s other issues with data access.

8.1 Introduction

Chapter 7 was an “umbrella” chapter, a chapter focused on introducing Spring Boot. We then walked through some of the common things Spring Boot does for us, like handling dependency resolution ...

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