NICK LECRENSKI is a developer with 10 years of experience in a wide range of Microsoft technologies including Visual C++, C#, VB, VB .NET, SQL Server, .NET Framework, ASP .NET, AJAX, Silverlight, and more. He has a BS in Computer Science and has worked in various fields from biometrics to financial services. He is also the founder and lead developer of MyFitnessJournal.com, a fitness training website that currently utilizes Silverlight technology. He is also the author of Silverlight 4: Problem - Design - Solution, available from www.wrox.com.

KARLI WATSON is an IT contractor and author currently working in London in the financial sector. For the most part, he immerses himself in .NET (in particular, C#) and has written numerous books in the field for several publishers. He specializes in communicating complex ideas in a way that is accessible to anyone with a passion to learn, and he spends much of his time playing with technology to find new things to teach people. During those (seemingly few) times where he isn't doing the previous, Karli is probably wishing he was hurtling down a mountain on a snowboard or possibly trying to get his novel published. Either way, you'll know him by his brightly colored clothes.

ROBERT FONSECA-ENSOR is a software engineer consulting with Infusion (www.infusion.com). From New Zealand, he currently lives in London. He specializes in user interface development and has been working with Microsoft Surface, Silverlight, and WPF for ...

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