I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE at Wrox who had a part in helping to get this book to print. First, I would like to thank my family for supporting me on another book writing endeavor. I would also like to take the time to thank Paul Reese for giving me the opportunity to work on another book project and Ginny Munroe, our primary editor, who fought to keep us all on track and on time, which was no easy task. I would also like to thank Jonathan Marbutt, our technical editor, for checking all of our code and offering valuable input during the writing process. Finally, I would also like to thank my co-authors, Karli and Robert, for their great work on this project and ensuring that all of the material will help our readers realize the goal of developing mobile applications on the new Windows Phone 7 platform.


THANKS TO ALL AT WROX for their hard work in making my writing as good as it can be. In no particular order, thanks especially to Paul Reese for getting things off the ground, Ginny for infinite patience and good humour, and Kitty for her wordsmithing. Also, thanks to my fellow authors, including many congratulations to Rob for getting through that “difficult first book!”


I COULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN this far if not for my darling wife, Cara. You're inspirational, patient, and wonderful. Thank you for all the support you give me. Thanks to the staff at Wrox for all their support and patience, especially Ginny and Paul. To all my mentors: Karli, Ben Gracewood, ...

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