Exercise 1 Solution

The answer is False. Make no mistake, if you already have a the professional version of Visual Studio 2010, then you can also use it and simply download and install the new Windows Phone 7 developer tools; and the installation package will recognize the fact that Visual Studio is installed and act accordingly. In that particular case, a copy of Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone 7, along with the required Silverlight, XNA, and Windows Phone 7 emulator software will simply be integrated into your existing Visual Studio 2010 environment.

If you do not have the professional version, you can use the free Express version of Visual Studio, which is the version we use in this book.

Exercise 2 Solution

The Windows Phone 7 architecture consists of a, b, d, and e. WCF RIA Services is a client-side technology used for web-based Silverlight solutions and is not currently supported by Windows Phone. WPF is the full thick client programming solution for creating PC-based applications.

The Windows Phone 7 architecture consists of Runtime, Cloud Services, Portal Services, and Developer Tools.

Exercise 3 Solution

The answer is False. Unlike in previous versions of Windows Mobile, you can no longer just build an executable and distribute it yourself. If you wish want to make an application that is publically available, you will need to register for the Windows Phone 7 developer program and send your application through the verification and certification ...

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