Exercise 1 Solution

True. You'll be unable to unlock any Windows Phone 7 devices until you've paid to join the program and your identity has been verified.

Exercise 2 Solution

You need to submit three completely opaque .png images at 200 × 200, 173 × 173, and 99 × 99 pixels.

Exercise 3 Solution

If you don't test your application under a number of different theme configurations, you're likely to fail testing because you might, for example, end up with white text on a white background. However, if you design your application to always have its own theme (and be legible under all theme combinations), you can happily ignore the user's selected theme.

Exercise 4 Solution

Never use a time-based trial mode because the user can always uninstall and then reinstall your application to reset the timer.

Exercise 5 Solution

The app's icon and title are the first things potential customers see of your application on the Marketplace.

Exercise 6 Solution

You need to proactively seek reviews from website authors if you want to reach as many potential customers as possible.

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