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Beginning Yii

Video Description

Fast track your web application development by harnessing the power of the Yii PHP framework

About This Video

  • Develop sophisticated Web 2.0 apps using PHP and Yii

  • Ideal for PHP developers new to Yii and framework-based development

  • Build powerful, reliable, and scalable apps fast

  • Clear and concise video tutorials from an experienced Yii developer

  • In Detail

    Yii is a fast, secure, and professional web development framework that makes PHP ideal for Web 2.0 applications. The Beginning Yii video course shows you how to rapidly develop sophisticated and reliable web apps using PHP and Yii.

    Using screencast demonstrations and clear explanations, this friendly video course will show you how to:

  • Install and configure Yii on your existing web stack

  • Create working prototypes in a single command using Yii application generators

  • Develop applications that follow the popular Model-View-Controller methodology

  • Manipulate data from various sources with the ActiveRecord class

  • Find and use powerful third party extensions, quickly adding functionality to your apps

  • Improve your site’s look and feel with themes and layouts

  • Test and debug your application with PHPUnit and Selenium

  • Build solid error handlers

  • Serve custom images from your Yii code

  • Deploy your application to a live server environment

  • Throughout the videos Chris Backhouse shares his practical experiences as a Yii developer in a clear, friendly manner. If you’ve never used Yii before you’ll be amazed how quickly it enables you to build powerful and reliable applications.

    You’ve heard about the benefits of web frameworks for web application developers. Now watch Beginning Yii and experience these benefits for yourself.

    Table of Contents

    1. Section 1: Exploring Yii
      1. Introduction to the Course 00:02:29
      2. What Is a Framework? 00:03:35
      3. What Is an MVC? 00:03:29
      4. MVC Request Routing 00:03:20
      5. Introducing Yii 00:03:21
    2. Chapter 2: Getting Started with Yii
      1. Getting Started with Yii 00:03:15
      2. Generating a Web Application with Yii 00:04:26
      3. Configuring Yii 00:04:17
      4. Developing a Photo Gallery Application 00:03:24
      5. Using Gii to Generate the CRUD Application 00:03:53
    3. Chapter 3: Starting Development (Using Our IDE)
      1. Introducing the CActiveRecord Object 00:04:11
      2. Forms and the CHtml Component 00:03:46
      3. Using Third-party Extensions to Enhance Functionality 00:04:28
      4. Simplifying Database Queries Using Yii's ActiveRecord Class 00:03:40
      5. Creating and Updating Our Album Model 00:04:17
      6. Embedding a Subform 00:04:13
    4. Chapter 4: Testing
      1. Testing Our Application 00:03:05
      2. Setting Up Our Test Environment 00:04:13
      3. Creating a Unit Test to Automate the Testing of Common Tasks 00:03:39
      4. Using Fixtures 00:03:37
      5. Functional Testing with Selenium Server 00:04:06
    5. Chapter 5: The Photo Application
      1. Installing Yii Extensions 00:03:42
      2. Preparing the Forms and Inserting the Uploader Widget 00:03:26
      3. Building a Controller Action to Upload and Crunch Our Images 00:03:50
      4. Understanding the GridView and Customizing It's Layout 00:04:23
      5. Adding Finishing Touches to the Photo Album Management Forms 00:04:33
    6. Chapter 6: Themes, Layout and User Access
      1. Theming an Application 00:03:57
      2. Modifying the Default System Layout to Modify the Menus 00:03:46
      3. User Authentication - The Default Yii Model 00:04:03
      4. Extending the Yii User Model to Suit Our Application 00:04:09
      5. Understanding the Yii Security Model 00:04:22
    7. Chapter 7: Debugging, Logging and Error Handling in Yii
      1. Using Xdebug to Debug Your Applications in Real Time 00:05:23
      2. Configuring Yii to Use Different Log Routes 00:04:53
      3. Profiling SQL queries 00:04:13
      4. Installing and Using the Yii Debug Toolbar Extension 00:04:44
      5. Exception Handling in Yii Using the CException and CHttpException classes 00:04:55
    8. Section 8: Customizing Our Album Interface
      1. Including Tags -Part 1 00:03:34
      2. Including Tags - Part 2 and Using Model Behaviors 00:03:49
      3. Using Lookups and Dropdown-List Boxes 00:04:28
      4. Adding the Comment Add and Display Forms 00:04:59
      5. Deploying Our Photo Application 00:04:42