2 Solution 1: Not Enough Women? Look Harder


Look Harder Part A: Top of the Funnel

Washington is widely and proudly recognized as a progressive state that is home to progressive companies. Microsoft, the state's largest employer at roughly 114,000 employees, is a company that has pioneered some of the most forward‐thinking corporate policies with regard to diversity and its fair treatment of women and minorities. And yet, as recently as 2015, only 17.1 percent of Microsoft's tech‐related jobs and only 17.3 percent of its leadership positions were held by women. That same year, Dadaviz.com published a report that showed Seattle ranked dead last for the percentage of female tech company founders (8 percent) and female employees working for local tech firms (26 percent). Woah …

When even the most progressive companies in the most progressive states report such dismal numbers, it's time to dial 911. Clearly, there is an urgent need to do more. As Harvard Business School professor Bill George articulates in 7 Lessons for Leading in Crisis, the first step organizations must take in facing a crisis is to Face Reality Starting with Yourself. As a Washingtonian doing business there, I was shocked. The fact that only 24 female CEOs lead the top Fortune 500 companies in America means we definitely have a problem. The long‐term health, growth, and sustainability of your company ...

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