6. Age Warfare: Gerontocracy

Dramatis personae:

Alonso, the elder, 65 years old, retired

Angelo, son to Alonso

Lucy, daughter to Angelo, 10 years old

Act I

Scene 1. The kitchen table at Alonso’s home, on Main Street, USA

Alonso. Son, my longevity requires prosperity, but my wages have fallen as I have ripened; surely you will help me.

Angelo. Father, your longevity is assured by your active life; you require no recompense from me.

Alonso. Enumerate your words and your estimate, son, for I wish to live the same as I have in all of my years, and my exit is far beyond a stone’s throw away.

Angelo. I wish you years beyond your wishes, father, but my purse is also for our treasured Lucy.

Alonso. Lucy is wealthy in her stock of years; I am poor. Her ...

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