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Beyond the Lean Revolution: Achieving Successful and Sustainable Enterprise Transformation

Book Description

For organizations looking for full-fledged, dynamic transformation it’s time to move beyond “lean.”

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. List of Figures and Tables
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Chapter 1. Why Enterprise Transformation?
    1. Paradigms of Change
    2. Going Beyond Lean
    3. What Is an Enterprise?
    4. The Value Proposition
    5. Seeing Things Holistically
  9. Chapter 2. The Seven Principles of Enterprise Transformation
    1. Principle: Adopt a Holistic Approach to Enterprise Transformation
    2. Principle: Secure Leadership Commitment to Drive and Institutionalize Enterprise Behaviors
    3. Principle: Identify Relevant Stakeholders and Determine their Value Propositions
    4. Principle: Focus on Enterprise Effectiveness Before Efficiency
    5. Principle: Address Internal and External Enterprise Interdependencies
    6. Principle: Ensure Stability and Flow Within and Across the Enterprise
    7. Principle: Emphasize Organizational Learning
    8. Chapter 2 Takeaways
  10. Chapter 3. A Roadmap to Successful Enterprise Transformation
    1. Why Enterprise Transformation Fails
    2. Avoid Failure with the Roadmap
    3. Enterprise Transformation and Strategic Planning
    4. Strategic Cycle: Determine the Strategic Objectives and Engage the Leadership
    5. Planning Cycle: Understand, Envision, Design, Align
    6. Execution Cycle: Nurture, Embed, Implement, Coordinate
    7. Chapter 3 Takeaways
  11. Chapter 4. Transformation Leadership
    1. Strategic Perspectives
    2. Urgency
    3. Enterprise Thinking
    4. Executive Buy-In
    5. Executive Transformation Council
    6. How It All Comes Together
    7. Chapter 4 Takeaways
  12. Chapter 5. The Stakeholder Lens
    1. Stakeholder Identification
    2. Stakeholder Prioritization
    3. Stakeholder Value Elicitation
    4. Stakeholder Value Exchange Analysis
    5. Chapter 5 Takeaways
  13. Chapter 6. The Process Architecture Lens
    1. Identify Enterprise Processes
    2. Collect Enterprise Process Data
    3. Develop the Enterprise Process Map
    4. Analyze the Enterprise Process Map
    5. Analyze the Enterprise Process Interactions
    6. Chapter 6 Takeaways
  14. Chapter 7. The Performance Measurement Lens
    1. The Actual Metrics Matter
    2. Select and Structure a System of Metrics
    3. Develop and Sustain an Enterprise Performance Measurement System
    4. Performance Measurement Systems and Transformation
    5. Chapter 7 Takeaways
  15. Chapter 8. The Integrative Lenses
    1. The Alignment Lens
    2. The Resource Lens
    3. The Maturity Lens
    4. The Waste Lens
    5. Bringing the Lenses Together
    6. Chapter 8 Takeaways
  16. Chapter 9. Preparing To Transform
    1. Begin with the Current State
    2. Set Long-Term Goals
    3. Articulate What the Future Enterprise Looks Like
    4. Align the Enterprise Infrastructure
    5. Is the Enterprise Organized to Support Transformation?
    6. Does the Enterprise Have the Information Systems It Needs?
    7. Will the Enterprise’s Policies Promote Transformation?
    8. Are the Enterprise Metrics Appropriate for Transformation?
    9. Who Are Your Change Agents?
    10. Chapter 9 Takeaways
  17. Chapter 10. Transformation Planning
    1. Identify Focus Areas
    2. Select and Sequence Enterprise Projects
    3. Develop Actionable Projects
    4. Develop the Transformation Plan
    5. Chapter 10 Takeaways
  18. Chapter 11. Executing The Transformation Plan
    1. Communicate the Transformation Plan
    2. Provide Education and Training
    3. Implement Projects and Track Their Progress
    4. Monitor Overall Transformation Progress
    5. Nurture the Transformation and Embed Enterprise Thinking
    6. Capture and Diffuse the Lessons Learned
    7. Adjust and Align the Planning and Execution Cycles
    8. Reentering the Strategic Cycle
    9. Chapter 11 Takeaways
  19. Chapter 12. Enterprise Transformation From Inception to Implementation
    1. Background on the Enterprise
    2. Strategic Issues
    3. Strategic Objectives
    4. StayCool’s Stakeholder Lens
    5. StayCool’s Process Architecture Lens
    6. StayCool’s Performance Measurement Lens
    7. StayCool’s Alignment Lens
    8. StayCool’s Resource Lens
    9. StayCool’s Maturity Lens
    10. StayCool’s Waste Lens
    11. StayCool’s Future-State Vision
    12. StayCool’s Focus Areas
    13. Revisiting Transformation Through the Seven Principles
  20. Appendix A. Lean Enterprise Self-Assessment Tool: Case Studies
  21. Appendix B. A Brief Comparison of Other Approaches to Process Analysis
  22. Endnotes
  23. Key Terms
  24. Index
  25. Footnote
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