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Big Book of Brainstorming Games: Quick, Effective Activities that Encourage Out-of-the-Box Thinking, Improve Collaboration, and Spark Great Ideas!

Book Description

Spark the next great business idea by igniting your team’s passion and creativity

Innovating breakthrough products, services, solutions, and marketing ideas are some of the most important challenges you face as a manager. Don’t wrack your brain trying to catch that “eureka” moment alone; unleash your team’s creative power with The Big Book of Brainstorming Games.

This book is packed with physical and verbal exercises to help you organize and run a brainstorming session that engages all personality types. Get those creative juices flowing with expert guidance and dozens of enjoyable group activities to help you:

  • Frame challenges to give team members structure and context
  • Master the proven “Four Rules of Brainstorming” for amazing results
  • Create an environment of trust that encourages and inspires valuable contributions from people from all backgrounds and at all levels

    The best ideas can come from anywhere! The Big Book of Brainstorming Games gives you the tools and knowledge to build a solid, structured foundation for free-form interaction and fearless conceptualizing. Now you can get everyone in on the game and make great things happen!

  • Table of Contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. The Big Book of Brainstorming Games: Quick, Effective Activities That Encourage Out-of-the-Box Thinking, Improve Collaboration, and Spark Great Ideas!
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. 1 The Weather Forecast Calls for Brainstorming
    7. 2 How to Run Your Brainstorming Session
    8. 3 Climate-Setting Activities
      1. Music to Soothe the Savage Team
      2. I’m an Acronym
      3. Storm Norms
      4. The Big Cheese
      5. I’m Impressed
      6. I Doodle, Do You?
      7. Find the Sweet Spot
    9. 4 Priming the Pump
      1. Bad Ideas Welcome! Part 1
      2. 10-20-30
      3. Three Random Words
      4. Creative Combos
      5. Put It in Reverse
      6. Wild and Crazy Animals
      7. Dubious Definitions
      8. Ultimate Nine-Dot Challenge
      9. The Two Men
    10. 5 Active Paradigm Shifts
      1. Warp Speed
      2. Mental Handcuffs
      3. Out with the Old
      4. Change 5 or 10
      5. 1, 2, 3
      6. Cross Over
    11. 6 It’s a Storm, Not a Drizzle
      1. Bad Ideas Welcome! Part 2
      2. SCAMPER Sculptures
      3. In What Ways?
      4. The World’s Greatest Bathtub
      5. Magic Wand
      6. Plan B
      7. Disregardables
    12. 7 “Yes! and …”
      1. Alphabet Improv
      2. Team Machine
      3. Zap Negativity
      4. Beginnings and Endings
      5. No Way, Yes Way
      6. Garage Band
      7. Feedback About Feedback
      8. Doodle Round, Doodle Sound
      9. Pass It & Plus It
    13. 8 A Brain Flurry
      1. Pass the Hoop
      2. Marshmallow Spaghetti Towers
      3. Cubing
      4. Squares and Triangles
      5. Everyone’s Talking About It
      6. Inside the Box
      7. Dictionary
    14. 9 The Dynamics of Involvement
      1. Poetry in Motion (Not for the Faint of Heart)
      2. That’s Exactly What It Is!
      3. Creative Man!
      4. Your Biggest Fan
      5. I’ve Got Your Back!
      6. My Professional Opinion
    15. 10 Things Look Different from Here
      1. Just One Word
      2. 5-Postcard Draw
      3. First Impressions
      4. Colors
      5. Turn It on Its Head
      6. Today’s Guest Speaker
      7. Field Trip
      8. Playable Clayables
      9. The Other Side
    16. 11 What Seems to Be the Problem?
      1. Simply Put
      2. Cut, Cut, Cut!
      3. Airing of the Grievances
    17. 12 After the Storm
      1. That Will Never Work Around Here
      2. And the Winner Is …
      3. Affinity Sort
      4. What Could Go Wrong?
    18. About the Authors