Chapter 7. Hacking the iPod

Apple sells a lot of computers but the company sells even more iPods. How many iPods has Apple sold? Estimates put the number somewhere north of 125 million units since the introduction of the original FireWire-based 5 GB model that debuted in October 2001 as a Mac-only device.

When you’ve got as hit as big as the iPod on your hands, it is a good idea to keep the product fresh, and Apple has done just that. The latest iPods (iPod touch) run off a variant of Mac OS X (earlier iPods used an operating system developed by Pixo), and other features have been added over the years (the ability to play video is a notable example). For all the changes the iPod line has gone through, the iPod is still a storage device with a few specialized chips for replaying music and (shuffle and older models excepted) video.

A storage device with a screen? That sounds like an ideal device for hacking! And the iPod is a great thing for hackers to play with. With various tips and tricks, you can extend your iPod’s abilities and turn the diminutive device into a Wikipedia reader to go, a take anywhere Home folder, or even boot disc for your Intel Mac.

HACK 58: Home Folder to Go

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Most (but not all) of the information that makes your Mac uniquely yours resides in your Home folder. Discover how to take this folder with you everywhere you go so that any Mac is almost home.

Hard drive-based ...

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