Chapter 11

Drive Value through Relevant Marketing

At its core, big data marketing centers on one thing and one thing only: driving value by engaging customers more effectively. That may sound straightforward at first, but I can assure you, the task is anything but simple, and it's becoming more and more complex every day. As I described in Chapter 1, digital disruption is throwing the physical world of processes and goods into disorder across all industries. Marketing was among the first to get turned on its head, but fortunately, recent technological advances now enable forward-thinking organizations to regain control of today's complex digital marketing environment.

In particular, integrated marketing management (IMM), which I introduced in Chapter 3 and discussed in more detail in Chapter 10, focuses on simplifying the complexity of data, processes, interaction channels, and insights. IMM provides the tools needed to not only streamline internal workflow, but also to interact with customers and prospects in innovative and personalized ways across an ever-widening array of channels and platforms.

Without question, the days of one-way monologues directed at consumers are long gone. Today's marketers must engage buyers and prospects with conversations, solicit and act on customer feedback, and deliver experiences that are personalized, timely, and relevant. Not surprisingly, marketing teams have needed to add both suppliers and process steps to rise to these challenges and coordinate ...

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