Acknowledgments are dangerous. Not dangerous like wrestling an alligator or an unhappy Chicago Cubs fan, but dangerous in the sense that there are so many people to thank. How do I prevent the Acknowledgments section from becoming longer than my book? This book represents the sum of many, many discussions, debates, presentations, engagements, and late night beers and pizza that I have had with so many colleagues and customers. Thanks to everyone who has been on this journey with me.

So realizing that I will miss many folks in this acknowledgment, here I go…

I can't say enough about the contributions of Jeff Abbott. Not only was Jeff my EMC technical editor for this book, but he also has the unrewarding task of editing all of my blogs. Jeff has the patience to put up with my writing style and the smarts to know how to spin my material so that it is understandable and readable. I can't thank Jeff enough for his patience, guidance, and friendship.

Jen Sorenson's role in the book was only supposed to be EMC Public Relations editor, but Jen did so much more. There are many chapters in this book where Jen's suggestions (using the Fairy-Tale Theme Parks example in Chapter 6) made the chapters more interesting. In fact, Chapter 6 is probably my favorite chapter because I was so over my skis on the data science algorithms material. But Jen did a marvelous job of taking a difficult topic (data science algorithms) and making it come to life.

Speaking of data science, Pedro ...

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