THE LEADERS OF the data revolution will be able to recognize patterns, understand why they are present, analyze them, and apply them to create value.

Each story in Part I of this book reveals a data factor. Data factors are the primary drivers of the value that exists as a result of improved consumption and application of data. The data factor itself may be a pattern. But in most cases, the data factor exposes a broader set of patterns. The patterns become something that can be acted on in any business where it is relevant.

This chapter identifies 30 data factors, pulled directly from the stories in Part I, and in each case, they represent a potential initiative and opportunity for those that want to lead the revolution.

The data factors are then further deconstructed into a set of big data patterns: 54, to be precise. These patterns represent the best practices, approaches, and considerations for each of the data factors.


Before delving into and extracting the critical patterns in big data from the stories in Part I, it’s useful to quickly recap the stories covered so far and the key data factors behind each story:

  • Farming and agriculture data factors (Chapter 1):
    • Creating and utilizing new sources of data (drones, geospatial data collection)
    • Building new data applications (FieldScripts, CanopyCheck)
    • Transforming and creating new business processes (integrated farming, predictive maintenance)
  • Medical data factors (Chapter ...

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