THE METHODOLOGY PRESCRIBED in Chapter 16 is a framework for applying the patterns in big data revealed throughout Parts 1 and 2 of this book. A methodology is much closer to a recipe for cooking than it is a recipe for baking. When you are baking, you must adhere precisely to the recipe. It is a precise prescription. Even the slightest deviation can cause the outcome to vary dramatically. In contrast, when cooking, a recipe is guidance, which can be adjusted based on your sense of smell, taste, and appearance. Cooking is an art, while baking is much more of a science. The methodology in Chapter 16 is closer to art, although it must be thoughtfully applied.


The architecture portion of the methodology is part art and part science. Common architectural patterns and taxonomy have emerged from a variety of customer experiences. This commonality facilitates understanding the proper end state, as well as the logical progression path. Getting from point A to point B is often more important than simply arriving at point B.

Architecting for the future necessitates a uniform, repeatable, and proven approach to achieve the anticipated business value that big data promises. Business value is unlocked through the implementation of the patterns, and a proper architecture ensures that implementing the patterns is possible. The big data architectures introduced here and covered in depth in Chapters 18 through 20 are a series ...

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