Chapter 2Desulfurization Technologies

List of Abbreviations and Nomenclature

+ve I Positive Induction Effect
1,3,5-trimesic acid TMA
2,4,6-TMDBT 2,4,6-Trimethyl Dibenzothiophene
2,5-DMT 2,5-Dimethyl Thiophene
2-MT 2-Methyl Thiophene
4,6-DMDBT 4,6-Dimethydibenzothiophene
4E6M-DBT 4-Ethyl, 6-Methyl-Dibenzothiphnene
4-MDBT 4-Methyldibenzothiophene
AAB Acid Activated Bentonite
AC Activated Carbon
ADS Adsorptive Desulfurization
aEVM Acid Treated Expanded Vermiculite
AIBN Azoisobutyrontrile
ALF Aliphatic Fuel
Alkyl-Ths Alkyl-Thiophenes
ARF Aromatic Fuel
ASA Amorphous Silica-Alumina
AZ SO42-/Zro2
bbl/day Barrels Per Day
BDAC Boron Doped Activated Carbon
BDS Biodesulfurization
BP British Petroleum
bpsd Barrels Per Stream Day
BT Benzothiophene
BTC Breakthrough Curve
CCS Carbon Catalyst Support
CEDS Conversion and Extraction Desulfurization
CMSs Carbon Microspheres
CNT/TiO2 Carbon Nanotube/Tio2
Co Cobalt
CoMo Cobalt–Molybdenum
Cu Copper
Cx-DBTs Alkylated-Dibenzothiophenes
CYHPO Cyclohexanone Peroxide
DBT Dibenzothiophene
DBTO Dibenzothiophene Sulfoxide
DBTO2 Dibenzothiophene Sulfone
DCA 9,10-Dicyanoanthracene
DMF Dimethylformamide
DMSO Dimethylsulfoxide
DOE Design of Experiments
ECODS Extractive Catalytic Oxidative Desulfurization
EDMA Ethyleneglycol Dimethyl Acrylate
EDS Extractive Desulfurization
ETO Ethanol-to-Olefin
Eu-MOF Europium Metal Organic Framework
EVM Expanded Vermiculite
FA ...

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