Automatic Single-Cell Transfer Module


Huseyin Uvet

Yildiz Technical University Istanbul, Turkey

Akiyuki Hasegawa

Tokyo Women's Medical University Tokyo, Japan

Kenichi Ohara, Tomohito Takubo, Yasushi Mae, and Tatsuo Arai

Osaka University Osaka, Japan


7.1 Introduction

7.2 Materials and Methods

7.2.1 Cell Types and Preparation

7.2.2 Penicillin-Streptomycin and Bottom Surface Treatment

7.2.3 Cell Suction System

7.2.4 Manufacture of the Microfluidic Chip

7.2.5 Valve Control Principle

7.2.6 Vision Systems

7.2.7 Cell Detection/Tracking and Control

7.3 Experimental Results

7.3.1 Oocyte and Fibroblast Suction

7.3.2 Direction Control

7.4 Discussion and Conclusion



Conventional hybrid microfluidic systems have many ...

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