3-DOF robotic neck

hardware development, 108111

programming head movements for, 111

system overview, 107108


Acceleration coupling torque, 6061

Acoustic noises, generation of by head/neck movements, 106

Acoustic testing, robotic neck, 121122

Active actuators, 241

Actuation, biologically inspired, 9


ionic conducting polymer film (ICPF), 86

load capability of, 6870

multifunctional design, 241243

use of in assistive knee braces, 240241

use of in hand rehabilitation machines, 279

use of in hyperdynamic manipulators, 62

Added-mass hydro dynamic theory, 9394

AFM cantilevers

fabrication of tips for nanoprobes, 182183

stiffness measurements of single cells using, 179182

Aging, effects of, 240

AIBO robotic dog, 4

AIST humanoid ...

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