Note: Page numbers followed by “f” and “t” refer to figures and tables, respectively.


Acrylates, 217–220
BisGMA, 218–220
methyl methacrylate, 217–218
Acrylic acid (AA), 211–212
Actin fibers, 67–68
Actinic keratosis, 151
Addition polymerization, See Radical polymerization
Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), 2
Adipose tissues, 77–78
Adult-onset diabetics, 348
Adventitia, 68
cardiovascular system, 72
tissues, 270
Albumin, 33f, 40–41, 41t
Allograft, 266–267
Alloying, 160–161
Alloys, 163–164
β phase titanium, 178–179, 179t, 179t
Co–Cr alloys, 168–171
copper and zinc, 162–163
gold, gold alloys, and precious metal, 173–175
magnesium-based biodegradable, 180

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