Chapter 14: Collaboration and Additional Functionality

14.1 Introduction

14.2 Saving Scripts and SAS Coding

14.2.1 Saving Scripts to Data Table

14.2.2 SAS Coding Functionality

14.3 Collaboration

14.3.1 Journals

14.3.2 Web Reports

14.4 Add-Ins

14.4.1 Finding Add-Ins

14.4.2 Developing Add-Ins

14.4.3 Example Add-In: Forest Plot / Meta-analysis

14.4.4 Add-In Version Control

14.5 References

14.1 Introduction

After performing an analysis, being able to share results is the most important job left. Valuable time can be lost if you have done a great analysis, but can’t communicate, share, or interpret findings. JMP has a few built-in tools to facilitate collaboration and result sharing. In addition, JMP can incorporate customized process and functions ...

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