2Install Python

So, you're probably saying to yourself, “Python sounds so cool—I'm ready to code!” Before you can do anything with Python on your computer, you must install the latest version of the language. Ready to get started? Let's go!

Download Python

Here are the instructions to download Python depending on your platform.

Windows Platform

If you're using a computer that runs Windows, you can download Python from the Microsoft Store. In the search bar, enter Python and select the latest version of the language.

Screenshot displaying the Python 3.7 version in the Microsoft Store Search bar when using  Windows, to download Python from the Microsoft Store.

Additional information about the language is provided in the Overview section. If you're unsure about whether your computer meets the requirements to install Python, check out the System Requirements section. Once you're all set, click the Get button to start the download.

After the download is complete, follow the instructions in the installation wizard to install Python. When prompted, be sure to check the box Add Python 3.7 To PATH (your version number may differ).

Unix Platform (macOS or Linux)

If you're using a Mac or a computer running Linux, it's likely that your computer already has an outdated version of Python installed. You will run into problems using earlier versions of Python (Python 2.x or older) while completing the exercises in this book. Therefore, head over to www.python.org to download and install the latest version of the language.

After ...

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