Chapter 4. Using BlackBerry Messenger

In This Chapter

  • Adding contacts

  • Chatting

  • Sending files

  • Broadcasting your message

In Book III, Chapter 3, you find a slew of ways to send messages on your BlackBerry. In this chapter, you get the scoop on another way to send messages, using a special application known and loved by BlackBerry.

RIM has entered the IM (instant message) horse race in the form of a spirited filly named (you guessed it) BlackBerry Messenger. This application is based on the PIN-to-PIN messaging technology (refer to Book III, Chapter 3), which means that it is mucho fast and quite reliable.


However, with BlackBerry Messenger, you can chat with only those buddies who have a BlackBerry and also have PIN-to-PIN messaging enabled. The application supports IM features common to many other applications, such as group chatting and the capability to monitor the availability of other IM buddies.

Accessing BlackBerry Messenger

You access BlackBerry Messenger from the Home screen, as shown in Figure 4-1. If you don't see it on the Home screen, check the IM folder because some BlackBerry models place it there. The first time you run BlackBerry Messenger, a welcome screen asks you to enter your display name. This display name is the one you want other people see on their BlackBerry Messenger when you send them a message.

The next time you open BlackBerry Messenger, you see a contacts list, as shown on the left in Figure 4-2. (Okay, the picture here displays some contacts, but your list ...

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