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BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange: Installation and Administration

Book Description

This book describes the installation, configuration, and administration of BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange, with background information on the BlackBerry architecture, security, and disaster recovery planning. Written by mobile and wireless technology experts, this book provides a straightforward approach to setting up your first BlackBerry Enterprise Server, provisioning users and devices, and implementing administrative techniques.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server is a platform that extends corporate messaging and collaboration services to BlackBerry devices, supports management and administration of those devices, and also supports deployment of third-party applications on the BlackBerry device platform. BlackBerry Enterprise Server supports a variety of messaging platforms, including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, and Novell GroupWise.

This book focuses on BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange, providing detailed information on planning and implementing a BlackBerry Enterprise Server deployment. The basics of installing BlackBerry Enterprise Server are familiar for most administrators, but the server is infinitely configurable and contains extended administration features. This book contains background information on these features to help you get the most out of your environment, picking up where the manufacturer's documentation leaves off. If you are new to BlackBerry Enterprise Server, this is the perfect guide to help with your planning and deployment.

  • Understand BlackBerry Enterprise Server architecture

  • Install and configure a BlackBerry Enterprise Server

  • Implement administrative policies for BlackBerry devices

  • Secure and plan for disaster recovery of your server

  • The book combines a clear factual information with easy-to-use step-by-step instructions. There are chapters with background information on the architecture and features of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and chapters with specific installation and configuration instructions. This combined approach gives you the knowledge to make the best implementation decisions for your environment.

    Table of Contents

    1. BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange
    2. Credits
    3. About the Author
    4. About the Co-author
    5. About the Reviewer
    6. Preface
      1. What This Book Covers
      2. Who is This Book for
      3. Conventions
      4. Reader Feedback
      5. Customer Support
        1. Errata
        2. Questions
    7. 1. Introduction to the Blackberry World
      1. BES Implementation Components
        1. BlackBerry Enterprise Server
        2. Clients
        3. Application Servers
        4. Networks
      2. Pushing Data Down
      3. Blackberry Enterprise Solution Security
        1. Encryption
        2. Authentication
        3. Security Policies
      4. Internet Browsing and Data Access
      5. Summary
    8. 2. BES Architecture and Implementation Planning
      1. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Components
      2. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Requirements and Prerequisites
        1. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Network Requirements
        2. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Database Requirements
      3. Summary
    9. 3. Preparing for the BES Installation
      1. Enabling the Messaging Environment to Communicate with the BES
        1. Create Service Account and Mailbox
        2. Assigning Microsoft Exchange Permissions to the Service Account
        3. Assigning Microsoft Windows Permissions to the Service Account
        4. Configuring Microsoft Exchange Permissions for the Service Account
      2. Enabling the Database Server to Communicate with BES
        1. Configuring Microsoft SQL Server 2005
          1. Assigning a Server Role to the Service Account for Windows (Trusted) Authentication
          2. Assigning a Server Role to a SQL Login for SQL authentication
      3. Summary
    10. 4. Installing BES for Microsoft Exchange
      1. The Installation Process
      2. Summary
    11. 5. Provisioning BlackBerry Users and Devices
      1. Administrative Roles
        1. Assigning Administrative Roles
          1. Assigning Administrative Roles to Existing Database Users
          2. Assigning Administrative Roles to New Database Users
        2. Managing Administrative Roles
          1. Changing Administrative Roles
          2. Removing Administrative Roles
              1. Configuring BlackBerry Manager for SQL Login Authentication
      2. Provisioning Users
        1. User Groups
        2. Configuring Organizer Synchronization
      3. Provisioning Devices
        1. BlackBerry Manager Device Provisioning
        2. Wireless Device Provisioning
          1. Customizing Enterprise Activation Options
          2. Setting Wireless Enterprise Activation Passwords
      4. Summary
    12. 6. Creating and Enforcing Policies
      1. IT Policies
        1. Creating a New IT Policy
        2. Assigning an IT Policy
      2. Software Deployment
        1. Installing Device Software
        2. Third-Party Applications
        3. Sharing the Software
        4. Creating and Assigning a Software Configuration
      3. Summary
    13. 7. Getting the Most Out of Your BES
      1. Multi-Tiered Administration
        1. User and Group Template Properties
          1. Redirection
          2. Filters
          3. Security
          4. IT Policy
          5. WLAN Configuration
          6. PIM Sync
          7. Advanced
          8. Access Control
        2. Server Properties
          1. General
          2. Messaging
          3. IT Admin
          4. Global Filters
          5. Sync Server
          6. BES Alert
          7. MDS Services
        3. BlackBerry Domain Properties
          1. General
          2. Global PIM Sync
          3. Access Control
          4. Push Control
          5. WLAN Configuration
          6. IT Policies
          7. Enterprise Service Policy
          8. Media Content Management
        4. User Tasks
          1. Account
          2. Device Management
          3. IT Admin
          4. Service Access
          5. Service Control & Customization
        5. Group Tasks
          1. Group Admin
          2. MDS Services
        6. BlackBerry Domain Tasks
          1. Account
          2. Service Control & Customization
      2. Summary
    14. 8. Security & Disaster Recovery
      1. Security
        1. Encryption
          1. Setting the Encryption Method
          2. Content Protection
          3. Blackberry Encryption Keys
            1. Master Encryption Key
            2. Message Key
            3. Content Protection Key
            4. Grand Master Key
        2. Additional Message Encryption
        3. PIN-to-PIN Messages
          1. Creating a Corporate Peer-to-Peer Key
        4. BlackBerry Device Authorization
          1. Enabling the Enterprise Service Policy
          2. Allowing Users to Override the Enterprise Service Policy
      2. Disaster Recovery
        1. Blackberry Enterprise Server Disaster Recovery
        2. Creating the Standby Instance
        3. Responding to Disaster Scenarios
      3. Blackberry Configuration Database Disaster Recovery
      4. Summary