Chapter 4. Remembering Your Acquaintances

In This Chapter

  • Exploring BlackBerry Address Book

  • Adding, viewing, editing, and deleting contacts

  • Finding a contact in Address Book

  • Organizing Address Book

  • Sharing BlackBerry contacts

  • Transferring contacts from cellphones to your BlackBerry

The idea of an address book was around long before the BlackBerry was conceived. Address Book on the BlackBerry serves the same function as any address book: It is an organizational tool that gives you a place to record information about people. This tool gives you a central place from which you can retrieve information so that you can reach your contacts by phone, cellphone, e‐mail, snail‐mail or the speedy messaging of PIN, SMS, MMS, or BlackBerry Messenger. Depending on the type of work you do, an address book is likely an essential tool, and your BlackBerry is there at the ready.

You can benefit from using your BlackBerry Address Book if any of the following fits you and your lifestyle:

  • Do you travel?

  • Do you meet clients frequently?

  • Do you spend a lot of time on the phone?

  • Do you ask people for their phone number or e‐mail address more than once?

  • Do you carry around the old‐fashioned paper day planner with a section allocated for recording contacts? Or do you write phone numbers of acquaintances on the back of business cards?

  • Is your wallet or purse full of these “important” business cards, but you can never seem to find the ones you need when you need them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need ...

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