Chapter 18. Switching Devices

In This Chapter

  • Switching from BlackBerry to BlackBerry

  • Switching from non‐BlackBerry to BlackBerry

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just tell one device to make its data available to another? That's the future. But right now, RIM wants your experience of switching devices as painless to be as possible. That's why they've added an application called Switch Device Wizard to the suite of applications in BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

This chapter makes it easier for you to switch your device and will give you the scoop on using Switch Device Wizard.

Most companies don't want their employees running Switch Device Wizard, especially when they have BlackBerry Enterprise Server taking care of synching data from an older BlackBerry. So, if you are holding a company‐owned BlackBerry, it's likely that you won't find Switch Device Wizard on your installation of BlackBerry Desktop Manager. In that case, you can skip this chapter.

Switching between BlackBerries

Switching from a BlackBerry to a BlackBerry is no big deal. Let's say you just got a new BlackBerry and want to jump‐start it with the programs and data you have on your older BlackBerry. Basically, you just back up your old BlackBerry and then load that backup to your new device. If you've done a backup and restore, the following steps should be familiar, only this time you do it through Switch Device Wizard:

  1. On your PC, choose Start⇨Programs⇨BlackBerry⇨Desktop Manager.

    This takes you to the Desktop Manager screen, ...

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