Chapter 1. Your BlackBerry Isn't a Fruit

In This Chapter

  • Checking out your BlackBerry behind the scenes

  • Seeing what your BlackBerry can do

  • Handling the hardware

There has been so much talk recently about the BlackBerry (that you're probably carrying), and how it can change the way you work, communicate with others, and the way you're entertained. Therefore, we're sure you have an idea of what the BlackBerry smartphone is (although, it's quite okay if you don't) and certain that you aren't eating it (we hope you're not eating it). Before we jump into how the BlackBerry can change your life style, we're curious — what actually convinced you to buy this particular handheld mobile device? Was it BlackBerry Messenger, always-connected e-mail, the multimedia player that replaces your iPod or iPhone, or a good app you saw on a friend's BlackBerry? We know; the list could go on and on and we might never hit on the exact reason you got yours. For whatever reason you bought your BlackBerry, congratulations, you made an intelligent choice.

The same smarts that made you buy your BlackBerry are clearly at it again. This time, your intelligence led you to pick up this book, perhaps because your intuition told you there's more to your BlackBerry than meets the eye.

Your hunch is right. Your BlackBerry can help you do more than you thought. For example, your BlackBerry is a whiz at making phone calls and checking e-mails, but it's also a social networking do-it-all smartphone that can update your Facebook ...

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