Chapter 2. Navigating the BlackBerry

In This Chapter

  • Signing up, or BlackBerry Anatomy 101

  • Understanding general navigating guidelines

  • Using common shortcut keys

Regardless of whether you previously owned a BlackBerry, you might have heard that the new BlackBerry is different. You might be wondering how you spot a new BlackBerry. Looks aren't deceiving in this case. From the outside, the new BlackBerry is a lot slimmer than the older BlackBerry handhelds. The new design has a brighter and higher-resolution screen. However, what makes it fundamentally different is that it has a trackpad.

What? No more trackball? Where is the trackpad? What can you do with it? How can you navigate your BlackBerry better with the trackpad? We answer these questions (and others) in this chapter. Bear with us and you will be master of your BlackBerry in no time.

Anatomy 101: The Body and Features of Your BlackBerry

In this and the following sections, we show you all the keys and features on your BlackBerry Bold 9700, Pearl 9100 and 9105, or Curve 8500. The four models are shown in Figures 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3.

Main features on a BlackBerry Bold 9700.

Figure 2.1. Main features on a BlackBerry Bold 9700.

Main features on a BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and 9105.

Figure 2.2. Main features on a BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and 9105.

First, the major features:

  • Display screen: The graphical user interface (GUI) on your BlackBerry. ...

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