Chapter 17. Syncing the Synchronize Way

In This Chapter

  • Introducing BlackBerry Desktop Manager (PC and Mac)

  • Preparing your desktop for PIM synchronization

  • Using manual and automatic synchronization

What better way to keep your BlackBerry updated than to synchronize it with your desktop application's data? Arguably, most of the data you need to synchronize is from your personal information manager (PIM) applications: notes, appointments, contacts, and tasks. The crucial piece for data synchronization to and from your device and desktop computer is Synchronize. You use this software within BlackBerry Desktop Manager to synchronize your PIM data and to upload and download media files between your PC and your smartphone.

In this chapter, you explore Synchronize and see how to manually and automatically synchronize your BlackBerry with your desktop computer. You find tips about which options you may want to use. Before delving into all that, however, we have a section on BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

If you're a Mac user, good news! The folks at Research in Motion also have a Mac version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager. In this book, we show you how to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager on both Windows PCs and the Mac.


If you're using a corporate BlackBerry that's running under BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you can skip this chapter. BlackBerry smartphones running under BlackBerry Enterprise Server synchronize over the air (OTA), via serial bypass, or wirelessly.

Data Synchronization on a Windows ...

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