Chapter 19. Protecting Your Information

In This Chapter

  • Performing a full backup of your BlackBerry data

  • Restoring from backups

  • Selecting what data to back up

  • Backing up and restoring wirelessly

Imagine that you left your beautiful BlackBerry in the back of a cab. You've lost your BlackBerry for good. Okay, not good. What happens to all your information? How are you going to replace all those contacts? What about security?

One thing that you don't need to worry about is information security — if you set up a security password on your BlackBerry. With security password protection on your BlackBerry, anyone who finds your BlackBerry has only ten chances to enter the correct password; after those ten chances are up, it's self-destruction time. Although it isn't as smoky as Mission Impossible, your BlackBerry does erase all its information, thwarting your would-be data thief.


If you haven't set up a password for your BlackBerry, do it now! For information on how to do so, refer to Chapter 3.

Now, how do you get back all the information that was on your BlackBerry? If you're like us and store important information on your BlackBerry, this chapter is for you. Vital information such as clients' and friends' contact information, notes from phone calls with clients — and, of course, those precious e-mail messages — shouldn't be taken lightly. Backing up this information is a reliable way to protect it from being lost forever.

There are numerous ways to make sure your data is backed up properly. ...

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