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Blackboard Learn Administration

Book Description

Acquiring the skills to implement the powerful eLearning software Blackboard Learn is made beautifully straightforward with this tutorial. Written by an administration specialist, it goes from fundamentals to advanced features in logical steps.

  • Learn both the simple and the complex skills to become an expert Blackboard Learn admin
  • Optimize the security and performance of Blackboard Learn and create a disaster recovery plan
  • Gain insight from an experienced Blackboard administrator using a hands-on approach

In Detail

Blackboard Learn is web application software that allows users around the world to participate in training and educational opportunities. This software is utilized in high schools, college campuses, corporations, and government entities.

"Blackboard Learn Administration" navigates both novice and experienced administrators through the simple and complex parts of the E-Learning portal.

Readers go step-by-step with the author from planning and installing a Blackboard Learn instance to supporting and administrating a system with courses and users.

The book starts with how to plan, install, and brand a Blackboard Learn instance. Readers then learn about the creation and management of courses and users. You then learn about the tools and controls that administrator’s possess within Blackboard Learn. Readers also review how to improve security and performance within their system. You then dip into complex topics such as integrating Blackboard Learn with other information systems and publisher websites.

Administrating Blackboard Learn educates the reader on the fundamental tools and tasks for basic administration, while explaining complex options that expert administrators want to tackle.

Table of Contents

  1. Blackboard Learn Administration
    1. Table of Contents
    2. Blackboard Learn Administration
    3. Credits
    4. About the Author
    5. About the Reviewers
    6. www.PacktPub.com
      1. Support files, eBooks, discount offers and more
        1. Why Subscribe?
        2. Free Access for Packt account holders
    7. Preface
      1. What this book covers
      2. What you need for this book
      3. Who this book is for
      4. Conventions
      5. Reader feedback
      6. Customer support
        1. Downloading the example code
        2. Errata
        3. Piracy
        4. Questions
    8. 1. Planning a Blackboard Learn Instance
      1. What is Blackboard Learn?
      2. How does Blackboard Learn work?
      3. Blackboard Learn architecture
        1. One server / Two server architecture
        2. Multiple server architecture
        3. Blackboard instance environments
        4. How do I decide what architecture to build?
      4. Summary
    9. 2. Installing Blackboard Learn
      1. Operating systems
      2. Space requirements
      3. Installing the database
        1. Installing an Oracle database for Blackboard Learn
        2. Installing a Microsoft SQL Server database
      4. Installing JDK
      5. Preparing a Windows Server environment
      6. Preparing a Red Hat or Solaris server for Blackboard Learn
      7. Final preparations before installing
      8. Installing the Blackboard Learn application
        1. Upgrading our Blackboard Learn instance
      9. Managing Blackboard Learn services
      10. The Blackboard Learn Patch Utility tool
        1. Getting Blackboard Learn Patch Utility
        2. Getting Blackboard patches
        3. Managing Blackboard patches with the Blackboard Learn Patch Utility tool
      11. Summary
    10. 3. Setting Up and Customizing Blackboard Learn
      1. Branding Blackboard Learn
        1. Blackboard Learn themes
        2. Blackboard Learn color palettes
        3. Basic branding within Blackboard Learn
        4. Advanced branding of our Blackboard Learn instance
      2. Customizing the Blackboard login page
      3. Summary
    11. 4. Creating Courses in Blackboard Learn
      1. Courses in Blackboard Learn
        1. Course names and course IDs
        2. New shells versus recycling
      2. Course settings in Blackboard
        1. Default course properties
        2. Course themes and icons
        3. Course Tools
        4. Quick Setup Guide
        5. Custom images
        6. Default course size limits
        7. Grade Center settings
        8. Course menu and structures
        9. Default notification settings
        10. Default grading schema
        11. Creating a course catalog structure
        12. Terms
      3. Searching for courses in Blackboard
      4. Creating single courses in Blackboard
      5. Creating courses using the batch course creation tool
      6. Importing content into a new course
      7. Copying content into a new or existing course
      8. Summary
    12. 5. Administrating Courses in Blackboard Learn
      1. Enrolling users into Blackboard Learn courses
        1. Creating a batch enrollment file
        2. Enrolling users using the Batch Enrollment process
          1. Possible issues with the batch enrollment process
        3. Using Quick Enroll in Blackboard Learn
      2. Exporting and archiving courses in Blackboard Learn
        1. Exporting a course
          1. Exporting a course using the Blackboard Learn format
          2. Exporting a Blackboard course into Common Cartridge format
        2. Archiving a Blackboard course
        3. Batch exporting and archiving courses
          1. Tips for batch exporting and archiving
      3. Using the Bulk Delete function in Blackboard Learn
      4. Removing a course from Blackboard Learn
        1. Reusing recently-deleted course IDs
      5. Summary
    13. 6. Creating Users in Blackboard Learn
      1. User creation policy
        1. Setting Up default user information in Blackboard Learn
        2. Creating single users in Blackboard Learn
        3. Creating multiple users in Blackboard Learn
        4. Accessing users in Blackboard Learn
      2. Summary
    14. 7. Managing Roles and Users in Blackboard Learn
      1. Roles within Blackboard Learn
      2. Managing course roles in Blackboard Learn
        1. Editing a course role
        2. Creating a new course role using the Copy function
        3. Managing privileges for course roles
      3. Managing system roles in Blackboard Learn
        1. Creating system roles in Blackboard Learn
      4. Creating custom institutional roles in Blackboard Learn
      5. Managing role privileges in Blackboard Learn
      6. Developing role privilege policies in Blackboard Learn
      7. Disabling user access to Blackboard Learn
      8. Removing users in Blackboard Learn
      9. Summary
    15. 8. Using Tools and Utilities in Blackboard Learn
      1. System announcements
        1. Creating a system announcement
        2. Editing or deleting a system announcement
      2. Spell Check Dictionaries in Blackboard Learn
        1. Creating a new spell check dictionary within Blackboard Learn
        2. Adding a spell check dictionary in Blackboard Learn
        3. Managing a spell check dictionary in Blackboard Learn
        4. Language packs
      3. Notifications
        1. Setting up general notifications
        2. Managing the default notifications settings
        3. Course Messages
        4. Calendar
        5. E-mails
        6. Enterprise surveys in Blackboard Learn
        7. Goals
        8. My Blackboard Settings
        9. Math Editor Image Service
        10. Tools
        11. Chalk Titles
      4. Summary
    16. 9. Security, Reporting, and Configuration in Blackboard Learn
      1. Security in Blackboard Learn
        1. Managing SSL certificates
        2. Managing guest access
        3. Managing session fingerprints
        4. Input Validation Filter
        5. Safe HTML Filters
        6. Alternate Domain for Serving Content
      2. System information in Blackboard Learn
        1. System configuration
        2. System reporting
          1. Disk Usage
          2. Refresh Report Data
          3. Textbook Information
      3. Optimizing our Blackboard Learn environment
        1. Blackboard Tasks
        2. Optimizing web services
          1. Monitoring and optimizing Internet Information Services
          2. Monitoring and optimizing Apache
          3. Installing and configuring Apache 2.2 for Blackboard Learn
        3. Tomcat configuration and optimization
          1. Tomcat thread queuing
      4. Summary
    17. 10. Authentication and Data Integration in Blackboard Learn
      1. External authentication in Blackboard Learn
        1. Planning authentication integration
          1. LDAP
          2. Central Authentication Service
          3. Shibboleth authentication
          4. Blackboard legacy authentication framework
          5. Default
          6. In case our external authentication options aren't working
          7. External authentication provider planning
        2. Adding external authentication providers
          1. Creating an LDAP provider
          2. Creating a Shibboleth provider
          3. Creating a CAS provider
        3. Setting up external authentication-provider order
      2. Data integration with Blackboard Learn
        1. The snapshot tool in Blackboard Learn
      3. The SIS Framework
        1. Integration options
          1. Questions to ask when planning your data integration
      4. Creating data sources
      5. Building a flat file integration
        1. Creating the flat file
        2. Creating the integration within Blackboard Learn
        3. Testing our flat file
      6. Sending files to Blackboard Learn
      7. Summary
    18. 11. Implementing Building Blocks in Blackboard Learn
      1. Blackboard Learn building blocks
        1. Installing a building block
        2. Configuring and managing a building block
        3. Removing a building block
        4. Building block manager
      2. Web services in Blackboard Learn
      3. LTI Tool Providers
      4. Recommended building blocks
      5. Summary
    19. 12. Logs, Troubleshooting, and Disaster Recovery in Blackboard Learn
      1. Troubleshooting issues in Blackboard Learn
        1. Finding and searching log files
          1. Locating and accessing log files
          2. SIS Logs
          3. Authentication Logs
          4. System Logs
          5. System Tasks Status
          6. Course Cartridge Import Status
          7. Log Rotation
        2. Locating log files in Blackboard Learn
          1. Apache
          2. IIS
          3. Tomcat
          4. Blackboard application
        3. Tips for troubleshooting issues with log files
      2. Disaster recovery
        1. Understanding expectations
        2. Prioritizing Blackboard data
        3. Example Blackboard Learn disaster recovery plan
      3. Summary
    20. A. Appendix
    21. Index