The eyelids controllers

A blink of an eye. That's a pretty fast action, but the mechanics behind it may require some thinking by the rigger to be applied correctly. With careful weight painting, some constraints and bones correctly positioned, we can accomplish good results.

How to do it...

  1. Open the file 003-Eyelids.blend from this book's support files. It's a head with some bones already set up for the eye's tracking. That's exactly what you would end up with in the previous recipe.
  2. Select the armature and enter into Edit Mode (Tab). In side view (Numpad 3), select the base of the Eye.L bone, press Shift + S, and pick Cursor to Selected in order to move the 3D cursor to that position.
  3. Add a new bone by pressing Shift + A, and move (G) its tip ...

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