Time for action – making the rudder with a Bézier Curve

The controls for the Bézier Curves work in a similar manner as the controls for the F-Curve. You have a control point that represents a particular location in space and two control handles that control how the curve approaches and departs from the control point. Check Chapter 3, Controlling the Lamp, the Camera, and Animating Objects, if you need a reminder on how they work. Use the following steps to create the rudder:

  1. Select the scaling reference cube. Press M, 2, and Enter to move it to layer 2 so that it won't be in your way.
  2. Press Shift + S and select Cursor to Center from the menu. Use Shift + MMB to center your view on the top of the rudder, and use Ctrl + MMB to zoom in to the rudder. ...

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