Time for action – creating the pier frame rails with Bézier curves

It may be hard to believe that you can make an entire pier with a rectangle, a Bezier Curve, a cube, and a cylinder, but that's what you are going to do next. The first step is to create a frame to carry the planks of the pier:

  1. Select Object Mode from the 3D View header.
  2. Press 7 on the NumPad to get the Top view.
  3. Zoom in to the edge between the port and water.
  4. In the Layers control in the 3D View header, select Layer 1 with the LMB and then select Layer 2 with Shift + LMB.
  5. Press Shift + S and select Cursor to Center from the menu.
  6. Click the LMB over the edge between the water and port.
  7. Press A to deselect any object.
  8. Press Shift + A, and select Mesh and then Cube from the pop-up menus. ...

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