Time for action – creating depth of field

Depth of field is a technique borrowed from film cameras to set off what is the subject and what is the background:

  1. Open the file 4909OS_11_Blender_Island.blend. In the Outliner window just above the Properties window, select Camera.Depth of Field with the LMB.
  2. In the header of the upper right-hand 3D View window, select View, and then scroll up to Cameras and then select Set Active Object as Camera.
  3. You can press Ctrl + MMB and the mouse to make the camera area fill the window.
  4. Look at the Layers controls in the 3D View header. The sky is in Layer 10. Press Shift + LMB over Layer 10 so that all layers with objects will render.
  5. Press F12 to render the scene. It looks similar to the previous image, but without ...

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