Modeling the environment (8 pages)

Now that we've finished the house modeling, we will improve our scene with an environment composed of a cliff, a barrier, a cart, and some rocks.

Modeling the cliff

Let's now model the cliff:

  1. We will start by modeling its ground part. In order to do this, we add a plane and scale it.
  2. We will then move the ground, so the house is placed above it.
  3. We will use the scale tool in order to make the ground wider.
  4. In the side view, we will enter the Edit Mode and activate the wireframe (Z). We will select the two vertices in the front of the plane, and by pressing Ctrl and the LMB, we will extrude the cliff profile to the left.
  5. We will then reshape the geometry from a top view by moving the vertices with the Grab (G) tool. ...

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