Basic transformations in Object Mode

Before we can edit the Viking helmet in this project, we need to practice using the transformation tools. We already learned how to activate tools, and we know what the gizmos look like, so now it's time to stick some arrows in the dummy!

  1. Click on the Move tool in the Toolbar to activate it.
  2. Select the Arrow_01 object by clicking on it in the Outliner or in the 3D Viewport.
  3. Press the tilde ~ key to bring up the View pie menu.
  4. Choose the View Selected option to frame the arrow.
  5. Rotate the view with the middle mouse button so that we can see the dummy in the middle of the scene, as shown in the following screenshot:
The Arrow_01 object has been selected and the Dummy object is visible
  1. Left-click on the ...

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