Finalizing the walk cycle with loop and pizzazz

The head, dress, and feet are the main anchors of the walk cycle. With these movements secure, the rest can be added—the secondary action of the arm, the shirt, and the facial features:

  1. Animate the arms much like the legs: key poses first, then tween through them on twos, with ones around moments of quick action.
  2. Animate the shirt on a new layer, with key poses on 1, 5, and 10. I positioned it above the back arm and leg, but below the dress and head.
  3. Create two new layers called hair and ponytail. Use the Draw Curve and Draw Tools to make her bangs with a stroke, her head hair (including ear silhouette) with a stroke, and her ponytail with a stroke. By separating the hair into separate layers, ...

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