Chapter 4

Working in Edit Mode and Object Mode

In This Chapter

  • Making changes to your 3D objects
  • Adding new objects to a scene
  • Saving, opening, and appending .blend files

When working on a scene in Blender, your life revolves around repeatedly selecting objects, transforming them, editing them, and relating them to one another. You shift from dealing with your model in Object mode to doing refinements in Edit mode.

And this process isn't only for modeling, but also for most of the other heavy tasks performed in Blender. Therefore, you can reuse the skills you pick up in this chapter in parts of Blender that have nothing to do with 3D modeling. Just as many of the transform operations work in editors other than the 3D View, many of the concepts here transfer nicely to other parts of Blender. Even if you don't know how to do something, chances are good that if you think like Blender thinks, you'll be able to make a successful guess.

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