Business is about serving a purpose — providing employment, filling a need in the market and greasing the wheels of the economy. But mostly it is about making money.

Women account for 50 per cent of the population but they make 90 per cent of the decisions in many categories.1 That's a lot of money to harness. So it's essential to establish how your business will attract these women into a fulfilling and long-term relationship with your brand.

Of course, it is also essential to expose what that relationship is worth to your business in an absolute dollar value. Money talks. Bottom line projections can get those not entirely convinced of the gender segmented discussion over the line and to start banking on the change to revenue opportunity. This chapter revolves around the actual value of the female economy that is available to you.

As we know, gender is a loaded topic that draws on all sorts of biases. One of the best things we can do is to get really objective and share potential revenue advantages and opportunities with our entire team to ensure everyone is on board with this process. Nothing motivates as much as more revenue and sales!


So, no more beating around the bush (we've been doing that as a soci-ety for far too long already). Let's start number crunching and finding out what is in your way right now when it comes to attracting the female ...

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