Crack a safe and you can unlock the riches within. This is what you do when you begin to look at your business from the perspective of gender.


A seemingly insignificant insight or piece of business intelligence could be the very thing that leads to you cracking that safe. Just because it's something ‘small' does not mean it's not worth the investment. It's usually the stuff you have to search around for that changes your whole approach and delivers tenfold results.

It does not mean forgetting who you are as a business. This is not about starting a whole new way of working, but rather about adjusting your aperture to focus on your potential female customers, and to approach them in the right way.

You're taking evidence from your research, putting it through the lab tests and producing an amazing reimagined blueprint or wo-manifesto for your future growth.

There are three stages to adopting a ‘female-lensed' transformation to boost your bottom line:


Let's look at each stage in order.


STAGE 1: ...

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