For just over a year, I set my alarm for 4.45 am so I could focus on my writing in a still and quiet house. It has taken me daily discipline and commitment to bring this book to its full potential, which is exactly how I propose you improve your own business.

I feel my purpose is to create a better world for womankind, mankind and human kindness. We all have an opportunity to add richness, warmth and value, and to help lighten the load for others. This book, I hope, is a step in this direction.

It takes a village to raise a child, and a community to write a book.

To my community:

Kelly Irving, my patient, clever and supportive editor, to whom I'm profoundly grateful. Lucy Raymond at Wiley — I am in awe of your strength and courage. Melissa Kuttan, my intelligent business assistant and cheer squad, and all of the Venus team, particularly Kiki Sarafis for brilliant design aesthetics and Sive Buckley, who ‘calms my farm'. Looking back on my career: Sean Cummins for the craft and the guts, and for being the catalyst to my steely determination and belief. Michael Faudet and Rod Bennett, two of the cleverest creative men in advertising, who believed in me at various stages along my career path and who championed me on my journey both in and out of the ad industry.

To my village:

My loving parents for the DNA, the opportunity and the education you gave your daughters. My sister Meg, my bestie Angie Douglas, my clever cousin Melanie Sheppard, and other women in my ...

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