Women are the fastest growing global consumer economy.

An Ernst and Young study reports that by 2028 women will control close to 75 per cent of discretionary spend worldwide.1 That's a trillion-dollar opportunity for the business world — a world that has been shaped by men and an instinctive male perspective.

Put simply, you are failing to seize a trillion-dollar business opportunity because you have no idea how to address this paradox by looking at your business from a different perspective.

If you're like most CEOs, then you're looking to technology, innovation and ‘disruption' for competitive advantage, but I suggest you're getting it all wrong! The solution is devastatingly simple and right in front of you.

You are viewing the consumer world through only one lens. A traditional, male lens. Now it's time to include a female lens.

Many leading business execs say they already have a healthy bottom line. So why would they change their current formula if it's working well?

Why consider ways to better meet the unmet needs or wants of women and make more money by doing so?

The answer is really as simple as:

‘Why wouldn't you?'


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