Blockchain Development for Beginners

Video Description

Take your first step into blockchain development by getting a hands-on experience with writing code to develop your own small blockchain, generate your own tokens, and deploy your first dApp.

About This Video

  • A detailed course which allows you to understand the blockchain through code.
  • Become familiar with blockchain and crypto terminologies and practices.
  • Learn the Solidity coding language to generate tokens and smart contracts
  • Learn how to compile and deploy a dApp from scratch and how to create sleek and interactive front-ends

In Detail

For those who are brand new to blockchain it is best to become familiarized with some basic terminology and use cases for blockchain technology. After the viewer has been instructed on basic blockchain terms and uses, we will then begin coding a mock blockchain using JavaScript. This exercise will show how exactly the blockchain works and how it is quite resistant to fraud and hacking.

The viewer will then begin learning the Solidity coding language which is essential for developing various blockchain dApps. We will go over the basic data types and functions with Solidity as we start to showcase to the viewer how exactly these functions can be used. The viewer will see their code work in action through the Remix IDE and get introduced to the MetaMask virtual wallet.

Our first task with the Solidity coding language will be to conduct token generation. The viewer will first get insight to the Web3 library before diving into the development for our token generation. Using the Remix IDE, we will be able to see our token be produced and then view various transactions which use our tokens.

DApps or “decentralized applications” are basically apps that are built on the blockchain and use a specific cryptocurrency. Here, we will use our newly found Solidity skills to create our first smart contract. We will then use our JavaScript coding skills to create two scripts to compile and deploy our smart contract from scratch. We also will get our first experience using the Web3 library with Ganache to write tests for our smart contract along with the Mocha test suite as a part of test driven development. Finally we will compile and deploy our script live to the ethereum blockchain where we will interact with it live through the Remix IDE and using the MetaMask wallet, send transactions to various accounts.

Now that our dApp has been deployed live on the blockchain we will now create a simple front-end which will allow for our users to see and interact with our smart contract. We will use our JavaScript, HTML and CSS skills to design a simple front-end and then test sending transactions using our MetaMask wallet.

The code bundle to this video course is available on it's github repository:

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Creating a Simple Blockchain
    1. The Course Overview 00:03:31
    2. Blockchain Introduction 00:11:27
    3. Creating Our Mock Block and Blockchain 00:14:08
    4. Seeing How a Blockchain Can Detect Fraud 00:08:15
    5. Implementing A Simple Proof-of-Work 00:09:46
    6. Talking about Transactions and Miner Rewards 00:11:40
    7. How Transactions Are Sent/Received and Rewards Distributed 00:07:33
  2. Chapter 2 : Solidity and MetaMask
    1. What is Solidity and MetaMask? 00:05:30
    2. Using the Remix IDE 00:06:29
    3. Data Types and Functions 00:05:32
    4. Creating Inline Assembly Functions 00:08:27
    5. Mappings, Modifiers, Structs, and More 00:07:04
  3. Chapter 3 : Token Generation with Solidity
    1. Short Intro to the Web3 Library 00:05:42
    2. Generating ERC-20 Tokens 00:06:01
    3. Extending Token Security (ERC-223) 00:08:13
    4. Deploying the ERC-20 Token Contract 00:06:39
  4. Chapter 4 : Creating and Deploying Your First Smart Contract
    1. Starting Our Smart Contract 00:13:31
    2. Finishing Our Smart Contract, Migrating to Our Local Environment, and Installing Our Modules 00:12:02
    3. Creating Our Compile Script 00:07:20
    4. Writing Tests Using Mocha and Ganache 00:27:26
    5. Setting Up Our Deploy Script and Creating a Custom Provider with Infura 00:07:13
    6. Interacting with Our Deployed Contract with Remix 00:03:30
  5. Chapter 5 : Adding Some Front-End Design to Your dApp
    1. Going Over the Layout 00:05:43
    2. Creating Functions to Interact with the Blockchain 00:08:02
    3. Integrating the Functions to Our Front-End Buttons 00:08:14
    4. Adding a Little Bit of Styling to the Front-End 00:04:20

Product Information

  • Title: Blockchain Development for Beginners
  • Author(s): Sriharsha Bingi, Daniel Wise
  • Release date: September 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788830911