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Blockchain Explanation, Usage, and Impact

Video Description

Learn how blockchain works, where to use it within your organization, and how it will impact data management.

This video is based upon the book Blockchainopoly, also available on Safari. This video contains five clips:
  • Introduction. This first clip in the series will provide an overview to the video and introduce why blockchain is so powerful.
  • Explanation. This second clip in the series will explain will explain the concepts underlying blockchain. A precise and concise definition is provided, distinguishing blockchain from blockchain architecture. Variations of blockchain are explored based upon the concepts of purpose and scope.
  • Usage. This third clip in the series will cover blockchain use cases. Now that you understand blockchain, where do you use it? The reason for building a blockchain application must include at least one of these five drivers: transparency, streamlining, privacy, permanence, or distribution. Usages based upon these five drivers are shown for finance, insurance, government, manufacturing and retail, utilities, healthcare, nonprofit, and media. Process diagrams will illustrate each usage through inputs, guides, enablers, and outputs. Also examined are the risks of applying these usages, such as cooperation, incentives, and change.
  • Impact. This fourth clip in the series explores how blockchain will impact data management. The Data Management Body of Knowledge 2nd Edition (DAMA-DMBOK2) is an amazing book that defines the data management field along with the often complex relationships that exist between the various data management disciplines. Learn how blockchain will impact each of these 11 disciplines: Data Governance, Data Architecture, Data Modeling and Design, Data Storage and Operations, Data Security, Data Integration and Interoperability, Document and Content Management, Reference and Master Data, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, Metadata Management, and Data Quality Management.
  • Conclusion. This fifth clip in the series summarizes the video and blockchain uses within and impacts to our organizations.
Once you understand blockchain concepts and principles, you can position yourself, department, and organization to leverage distributed ledger technology.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 00:05:44
  2. Explanation 00:43:41
  3. Usage 1:02:30
  4. Impact 00:44:18
  5. Conclusion 00:05:24