Creating a genesis block

IBFT tools can automate the creation of a genesis block. At the same time, it also generates node keys, addresses derived from node keys, and the static-nodes.json file.

Run the following command to generate all these:

./istanbul setup --num 4 --nodes --verbose

And now, you will get a similar output:

validators{     "Address": "0x05a6245732c2350ba2ed64e840394c2239f8ad1f",     "Nodekey": "eae5093e524bf14ba6e95c13591d6a785be9ea486b9e8e9c1281314f75a3d4f9",     "NodeInfo":     "enode://bd1049d796f1b71bef17d428ce8db5f22e478ecbeb9513c57e90d93ca1e9ec107f4f4b43585556ca8bb3ab630f1f6543d0d4147f5d890e1fde301b2af1fd7a08@"}{     "Address": "0x97a80dc7a7e27f41ae006fa1253f1f105f77335c", "Nodekey": "decc1787fda1f4079511bcff92e83f868755c8e06636303c42cfb3cce554919e", ...

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