Customizing Your Header, Footer, and Background

In This Chapter

arrow Making a first impression with a blog header

arrow Determining whether to use a tagline

arrow Creating a blog header that gets visitors clicking

arrow Building a footer than gets noticed

arrow Adding a background to your blog design

Colors, fonts, and graphic elements all play into your blog design. Separately, they each communicate just a bit about your blog’s content. When you put them together, the magic really starts to work.

This chapter tackles three components of your blog design: your blog header, footer, and background design. When you look at these three parts as a whole, you see a mix of content, fonts, and graphic elements brought to life in a cohesive blog design.

A blog header, footer, and background all play an important role in your overall blog design, yet they do so in very different ways. In this chapter, I describe each element’s role in your overall blog design. You see how a blog header sets the tone for your blog, whether ...

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