I’d like to thank my eternally patient family for allowing me to take on yet another project, and my indulgent colleagues at TechCrunch, Matt Burns, Natasha Lomas, Ryan Lawler, Anthony Ha, Matthew Panzarino, Chris Nesi, Catherine Pickavet, Jordan Crook, Ingrid Lunden, Greg Kumparak, Eric Eldon, Greg Ferenstein, and Alexia Tsostis and the rest for putting up with my distraction. Thanks to the old TC/AOL team, Heather Harde, Michael Arrington, and all the rest and the new team led by Ned Desmond. Thanks to Sharona Jacobs of for her help.

Special thanks to Mayer Reich of RankAbove for his help with SEO and the bloggers I spoke with, including folks from F*ckedInParkSlope, TheBikeSnobNYC, and Gizmodo

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