Chapter 6. Hosting Your Blog

In This Chapter

  • Buying Web domains and hosting

  • Getting your blog software in place

If you're serious about turning your blog into a visual masterpiece, you're likely to choose a blog software package that you install on your own Web server. Hosted solutions are great, but you run up against the limits of customization quite quickly.

In Chapter 4, you find information about choosing the right software for your situation. If you picked blog software that needs to be installed, the next step is to get yourself a domain name and some Web hosting where you can install your software.

Registering a Domain

The first things you need to do are choose a name for your blog and buy a Web domain that reflects that name.

A domain is the address or main URL, that people type in the browser to get to your Web site. Think of it like an address to your house. Each house on a street has an individual address in your town. When someone looks for you in the phone book, they can find your address. If you search for a Web site with your favorite search engine, you find the Web site address. For example:

Picking a domain name

The domain name you choose can be anything (assuming it isn't already being used by someone else). It can be a company name, a nickname, or your favorite food group. For years, professional Web designers and developers have been saying that all of the good domains are gone. This is far from the truth. After all, new Web sites and blogs are launched ...

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