Chapter 16. Making Mad Mad Money

In This Chapter

  • Checking out the advertising options

  • Blogging for money

  • Putting products on your blog with affiliate programs

Advertising on your blog has never been easier. Many different advertising systems offer bloggers a free way to place ads on their blogs, and businesses have picked up on the fact that blog advertising can really work. Putting an ad or two on your blog is an easy way to earn a little money doing something you enjoy. You can turn a pretty penny and even earn a living from advertising.

Ever since Web sites came into existence, there have been online advertisements. From the first Web banners of the early Internet to today's contextual advertising systems, ads have run the gamut from wildly successful to being a waste of precious bandwidth.

In some cases, this has more to do with the readers than anything else — on some topics, blog readers are willing to look at ads and even click them, but audiences on other blogs just don't have the patience to wade through advertisements that clutter their reading pleasure. So rule one is to know what your audience can tolerate before you accept a big sponsorship!

Turning your blog into a retirement savings plan won't happen overnight, and the addition of advertisements to the average blog shouldn't be taken lightly. It all requires planning, patience, and a faith and trust in your readership. Depending on your readership, you might need to request input from them about the advertisements you choose ...

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