Chapter 9

Building Community with Comments

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering what comments are and how to use them

arrow Maintaining and managing your blogging community

arrow Dealing with spammy comments on your blog

arrow Handling negative comments on other blogs

Every blog should have comments. Love them or hate them, they’re an integral part of blogging. Comments provide the main source of interaction between you and your readers. Visitors to your blog can ask you questions, correct your writing, suggest your next blog topic, or leave a note to say hello.

Unfortunately, as interesting and thought-provoking as comment conversations can be, they’re not without their challenges. Comment spam and negative commentary can take the joy out of blogging and make managing comments on your blog feel like a full-time job.

How you handle your blog community determines your level of stress and success. In this chapter, I talk about how you can set your own comment rules and monitor your community. I also give you tips about how to make your blog a positive place for conversation, as well as provide strategies for ...

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